PLS-GUI analyzes more ideas in less time using just your browser

Test hundreds more ideas in parallel in our high performance computing environment using just your browser.

*Support for all major browsers.

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Effortlessly manage your ideas and research work from any browser

Our project management system allows you to manage not just your data sets and models, but effortlessly manage the results of models.

Have one place for all your data, graphs and reports

Access your data, graphs and statistical findings from any computer, tablet or phone. All your important data is securely encrypted and can only be accessed by secure channels.

Instantly access anything from a browser

Conduct an analysis or read a report from any computer with an internet connection and a browser. Our cloud based solution makes working anywhere easier.

Finish your compute tasks 100x faster using supercomputing grade power

Your statistical analyses is run on high performance computing (HPC) clusters that use enterprise-grade Intel CPUs that are 6-20x faster than consumer hardware. Our software is custom written in super fast C language and uses highly optimized algorithms designed specifically for structural equation modeling.

Run multiple analyses in parallel using powerful supercomputing grade hardware

Our Software-As-A-Service means that you no longer have to wait for one task to finish to start another. Run 2,4 or 10 statistical analyses simultaneously on your models and have the results stored securely on our servers. 

Access to state-of-the-art PLS-SEM algorithms

We make available all the state-of-the-art techniques for PLS-SEM. This includes but is not limited to multi-group analyses, PLS-POS, PLS-GAS, higher order constructs, interaction effects, and more. We will continually update PLS-GUI with the latest advances in PLS-SEM.

End-to-End Military Grade Encryption Whether Your Data Is Moving Or At-Rest

Your data and files are encrypted before it leaves your browser, while it moves through our system and when its finally resting in its cloud storage drive.

Enjoy Zero-Knowledge Hardware and Software Upgrades and And Maintenance

Let us handle the hardware and software. We will do the installation, maintenance and upgrades for you. We will ensure that your research tools are ready for you.

Convert Thousands Of Dollars in Hardware Costs Into A Small Monthly Fee

Purchasing and keeping your hardware up-to-date can be very costly. Stop buying hardware that will only depreciate over time and turn those high fixed investment costs into a low monthly fee.